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Everyone always trashes on Tumblr, but you know what, Tumblr is probably the best website I have come across. Why? Because compared to other social networks, Tumblr has shown that they put effort into caring about its users. For example, if you search the tag #sad or #suicidal, the screen above will pop up. Tumblr puts effort into ensuring that you are alright, even though they don’t do it specifically for each individual, they did more than what Facebook and Twitter has done.  


Thank you Jesus!


Thank you Jesus!

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King Baby says No

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After last year’s #Himalayanheroes #motorcycle tour I asked for a few changes to the itinerary and to my bike for this year’s tour. This was my trusty steed for two weeks which didn’t let me down once. Changes made were a louder high pipe, wider bars, adventure tyres, chrome guards and a smaller, lighter, better looking luggage carrying system. We now have the best bikes touring the #Himalayas bar none. Who’s coming to Nepal in 2015?

Two from the Navy Two from the Navy

Two from the Navy

Two from highschool Two from highschool

Two from highschool